David LoVerme-HIRED

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Key Stats:

  • Concentration: Marketing Informatics, Product and Brand Management
  • Grad Year: 2015
  • Undergrad: Columbia University ’09-History
  • Summer Internship: Product Manager MBA Intern-Continuum Managed Services
  • Target Role: Product Manager
  • Key Skills: Excel, SQL, PPT, SPSS, Agile Project Management, JIRA, CMS, Qlikview, CRM (including Salesforce)
  • Fun Fact: David was the 2006 NYC Patchy Beard Champion but was disqualified in his 2009 title defense because his beard had become “too full”

David is the Grad Tech Club President and an Alum of both BC Tech Trek West and Tech Trek NYC.  The son of a software engineer and a teacher, David has a passion for Product Management for its unique blend of creativity and leveraging data.  Currently launching a business grade file sync and share product and pursuing his MBA at Boston College, he spent the previous four years at EF Education, enabling high school students and teachers to see the world and gain cultural understanding while doing it.  While he found his initial success as a Salesman, his history background kept him digging deeper into numbers and processes until he was eventually asked to take on an analyst role, building out the BI Sales Dashboards and spearheading innovation in internal systems. Working with developers and business execs alike, he cultivated skills in data analysis and agile project management while developing a passion for technology in business.