Skill Building

Review Bootcamp Materials

VBA & Pivot Tables

Introduction to VBA





API Intro Spring 2016


Free 1 year student trial:

Crunchbase Startup Funding Data Set: crunchbase_monthly_startups

Instructions: TableauDemo

Resources: Sign in to your Tableau account and watch free training videos!

Attend Tutorials at Boston College

The library at Boston College offers research tutorials using tools such as Stata, SAS, R, MATLAB, and more throughout the year, including during the summer. Visit for the calendar of tutorials. These sessions are great for asking questions and getting help with using tools for specific projects from library staff and PhD candidates!

Learn to Code

CodeAcademy is a free resource for learning to code at your own pace. Create an account and sign up for courses in Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, jQuery, Ruby, and jQuery.

Through W3 Schools, you can learn and practice SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery for free online. This is the website we used during our SQL bootcamps!


Learn Tech Skills through Video Tutorials

At, you can gain unlimited access to video courses on software, analytics, big data, cloud computing, databases, coding languages, and more for a $25/month subscription. This could be a worthwhile investment for students wanted to sharpen skills or gain new ones over Christmas break. Below are examples of courses available through Lynda:


Up and Running with R

Code Clinic: R

R Statistics Essential Training



Up and Running with VBA in Access

Up and Running with VBA in Excel



Database Fundamentals Series

SQL Server 2008 Essential Training

SQL Essential Training



Foundations of Programming Series

Up and Running with Python

Python 3 Essential Training



Access 2013 Essential Training

Connect with Boston Tech Enthusiasts

Meetups are a great way to meet people in your area with common interests, whether school is in session or not. This list is just a short list of meetups that might be of interest to tech enthusiasts:

  • Tech in Motion Boston
  • Boston Business & Tech Industry
  • Boston New Technology
  • TechHub

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