Kori Kenerson — HIRED


Concentration: Business Analytics

  • Grad Year: 2015
  • Undergrad: Williams College ‘09
  • Summer Internship: FP&A Intern at Ocean Spray Cranberries
  • Target Role: Quantitative / Data Analyst
  • Key Skills: MS Office, SPSS, R, SQL
  • Fun Fact: One of my favorite summer activities is clamming, which is of course followed by shucking, frying and eating.
Kori is a second year MBA candidate with a passion for business analytics and a background in investment management. In her previous role as a Senior Investment Analyst at Permal Capital Management, a private equity fund-of-funds and secondary investment firm based in Boston, she was largely responsible for utilizing a strong analytical skill-set in constructing financial models and ad-hoc quantitative analyses to assist in the investment decision-making process. She learned that what she enjoyed most about her experience at Permal was being able to transform data into insight, i.e., putting a story to the numbers. Her passion for analytics stems from this realization, and returning to school has allowed her to further explore this area of interest. Kori’s academic project work with Zipcar, for instance, provided hands-on, practical experience working on an analytics initiative. Along with a team of four others, she designed a scoring mechanism that served as a tool for evaluating expansion opportunities into new locations as well as a step-by-step process implementation guide that directed Zipcar toward a universal model and data-driven strategy. Additionally, as the VP of Analytics for BC’s Graduate Technology Club, she’s hoping to create opportunities for graduate students to develop their data science “hard” skills through practical learning experiences and to gain exposure to Boston’s local analytics scene through networking and educational events. Outside of class, Kori is working on developing her programming skills with the goal of one day becoming fluent in a coding language. You can also find her playing basketball, soccer or flag football with the BC MBA folk.


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