Grad Tech Summer: David LoVerme

Twitter: @davidloverme

-Where did I work? What does the company do?
I spent the summer at Continuum Managed Services working on the development and launch of an IT Channel specific file sync and share product called Sync247.  Continuum provides white label IT software and support that allows Managed Service Providers and IT Consultants to provide easily scalable and unparalleled value and support to small and medium businesses.

-What was my role?
As the Product Manager MBA Intern, I worked closely with the Product Manager to help facilitate our Alpha, Beta, and Limited Availability programs.  My duties ran the gamut of Product Management and Marketing writing requirements documents, performing competitive research, drafting a pricing and packaging guide, and most importantly communicating with Beta partners to collect, analyze, and operationalize feedback to provide meaningful value.

-How did I find the internship?
I met the product manager at the Boston Product Management Association’s Product Camp conference.  Between tweets and a wall posting we connected to talk about a Product Marketing internship at Continuum.  While that wasn’t the right fit, we made a good connection and Continuum called a few days later asking if I would be willing to interview for a Product Management internship…yes please!

-What are the top 2-3 classes from BC that have been most helpful?
Brand Management with Jerry Smith was tremendously useful.  It gave me a lot of tools and frameworks that I use regularly.  Finance is also key to any product and a strong understanding helped prioritize the what and whens of Product Management.  Data Analysis is key to Product Management and Marketing Research was crucial in developing the tools and skills needed to prove a concept in the market.

-How will my experiences this summer inform my final year?
Having the ability to have such an influential and hands on product management role solidified my decision to pursue the field and helped me laser focus on exactly what sub-sections of Tech would make the right fit.  The culture at Continuum is great and reinforced how big a difference that makes.

-What energizes you about the Tech field?
Tech is full of really smart and ambitious people who push each other to be best they can be.  The idea that nothing is impossible is more than just a saying in Tech, people really believe it and the impossible truly does become possible every day.  The opportunity to be on the cutting edge of innovation is exciting to me and attracts me to the industry.

-What advice would you give to MBA looking to break into Tech and/or your particular space?
Network and talk with as many people as you possibly can.  Ask them to share their story, then shut up and listen!  Not everything people say is revolutionary but the more people you hear from, the better a picture of the industry you can get.  Go to conferences and career fairs, use social media, and apply widely…you never know what is going to be the difference maker.

-David LoVerme is a 2nd Year MBA at Boston College and the President of the Grad Tech Club


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