Some Initial Thoughts on Landing a Job at a Startup

Our own Bobby Gooch shares his thoughts on landing a job at a startup!

Unstructured Data

Trying to get work at a startup has become a popular goal for a lot of people in today’s job market. And for good reason: small technology companies tend to attract smart, motivated people and allow you to do work that can actually have a pretty significant impact on the business. But how do you go about getting a job at a company like this, especially with little to no background in coding? While there is no definitive, step-by-step process, I hope my experiences can give you a bit of an idea of how you may want to go about trying to get a job at a startup. I’m planning to do a couple of posts on this; here’s number one:

First, a little background on me: I spent 3 years working at a fin-tech company where I learned the basics of SQL. I’m now finishing up business school while…

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