Digital Marketing Experiment 4: Driving site traffic with Adwords

In an effort to drive traffic to and ultimately increase current- and future-MBAs’ user engagement with the site, we’ve begun pioneering our Google AdWords marketing campaign. While the campaign is still in its infancy, we’ve seen moderate success with the keywords we’ve chosen and returned today to reexamine the campaign.

We initially aimed to purchase keyword tags that drive the most traffic, and postulated that the most relevant ones would be related to “BC” and “tech”. Originally, our list of keywords included:

  • BC Tech
  • BCVC
  • Boston College Tech
  • CSOM
  • BC MBA
  • Boston College alumni
  • BC Tech Alumni
  • Tech MBA
  • Carroll School of Management

We found that the keywords driving the most traffic were “BCVC” (highest click-through rate), and “BC Tech”/”Boston College Tech” (tied for highest # of clicks). We also found that certain keywords, like “CSOM” and “Carroll School of Management,” had very low engagement, and Google even warned us that they were rarely shown due to low quality scores. Since an ad’s Quality Score is determined by its cost-per-click multiplied by its click-through-rate, we figured that we were getting beaten out by other CSOM advertisements and decided to eliminate those keywords.


We also realized that it’s approaching the time of year that potential MBA students might be Googling MBA programs and Tech Clubs to get a better idea of the tech scene at different graduate schools. So, this week, we added keywords we thought MBA hopefuls would search– like “MBA blog,” “Business School Blog,” and “MBA life”. We’re excited to see whether these keywords increase engagement with our site during the rest of our AdWords Campaign.

Feel free to let us know if you have any AdWords suggestions! We hope to keep up the progress in the future.
-Arev Doursounian is a Sophomore math major at Boston College and an honorary member of the Grad Tech Club



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