Alexa Villalobos — HIRED


  • Concentration: Business Analytics; Dual Degree candidate in the Graduate School of Social Work concentrating in health/mental health planning, administration, and policy
  • Grad Year: 2016
  • Undergrad: University of Virginia ’13, Religious Studies and Spanish
  • Target Role: Strategy/Operations/Business Analysis/Product Management Internship, Summer 2015
  • Key Skills: MS Office, STATA, Atlas.ti7, ArcGIS, SPSS,
  • Fun Fact: In high school, Alexa cooked a turducken (a chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey) one Thanksgiving. Because the Amish recipe she used called for 14 hours of roasting and basting every 2 hours, on Thanksgiving Eve she slept in the kitchen on a mattress and set various alarms throughout the night so that she could attend to her giant bird(s).

As a dual degree student in the Carroll School and the Graduate School of Social Work, Alexa is constantly applying the skills she is gaining at Boston College in ongoing professional endeavors that she balances with her schoolwork. Before starting business school, she worked at a local non-profit organization for a year supporting senior leadership with the planning for and introduction of new outcomes measurement software, the improvement of performance metrics, program development, and resource development. She has also worked in non-profit management consulting and is currently co-leading a feasibility study for a local organization culminating in the launch of a new social enterprise in January of 2015. Using technology to improve organizational effectiveness has inspired Alexa to pursue more technical skills with greater fervor and to explore opportunities in the tech industry.

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