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Today, Tomorrow, and the Future: Navigating the Tech Landscape

We all know Tech Startups have many differences from traditional businesses but identifying them and how to navigate these differences to build a successful career can be challenging.  That is why we were so fortunate to have industry veteran and NDT VP of Recruiting Larry Kahn visit the Heights last Tuesday!  With more than 20 years experience recruiting for high tech, he brings a great perspective on how to break in and make it in the industry.  I have done my best to summarize some of his key insights here.

A huge thank you to Larry for taking the time to share his knowledge and experience with us!

On Interviewing

  • Companies are increasingly hiring on consensus, with more than just one “decider” you need to pay extra attention to how you come across during your entire time in the office and to anyone with whom you interact.  This can be particularly difficult as interview length is shorter now on average than in the past
  • It is key to let interviewers know all the relevant info about you.  If you cannot fit it all in during the interview, you can use your thank you email, second paragraph to pass on some relevant information that may not have come up.
  • Even if you don’t have anything else to add, send a follow-up thank you.  It really matters.
  • Video interviews are also becoming more common and you must treat it like an in person.  Dress like you would for an office visit, choose a quiet place, and make sure there are no distractions in the background.  Little things make a difference.
  • Make sure your shoes are shined, your clothes are clean and free of lint, in short-make sure you look good.  This does not mean wear a suit however.  For some companies you should–for others that will make you awkward and out of place…if you have any question at all, ask!
  • Companies will search you, look at your social sites, and your online presence.  See building your brand below.
  • Eat well beforehand, including protein.  You don’t know if the interview will last longer than expected and you need to keep your energy level throughout.

On Offer Letters and Job Choice

  • Startups offer a fair compensation package that may be lighter on salary but should have meaningful equity
  • Mid Sized companies should offer higher base salary and a bonus up to 30%, perhaps with some equity
  • Regardless, do not simply pick the highest paying job, but one that provides the best opportunities for work experience to put you on the right path to where you want to go.
  • Try to balance your experience between big and small companies–if you’ve been at enterprise businesses, try a startup and vice versa.  This will avoid becoming typecast.  Look for transferable skills.

Building Your Brand

  • You need to control your brand.  Have a professional photo on LinkedIn that is different from Facebook.  Post articles or work samples that reflect your strengths on LinkedIn.  Content is key!  Maintain an active and professional Twitter handle.
  • Companies are looking for interesting people so you need to demonstrate how you are different from you peers.
  • Don’t short sell yourself!
  • Company loyalty is not what it used to be on either side.  For most companies, 2-4 years is a good tenure and staying much longer will get you typecast.
  • You must stay current by reading voraciously, following trends online, and taking classes whenever possible.  Blog, Tweet, etc. to keep yourself relevant.
  • Give back!  Look for opportunities to mentor and help others

Finding and Maintaining Mentor Relationships

  • People are generally willing to help but you have to try
  • Reach out to a person three times before giving up, including over the phone.  Sometimes messages fall through the cracks.
  • Say thank you!  Send emails, follow-up with news, and generally emanate an attitude of gratitude.
  • It does not need to be an equal relationship.  It’s okay if a mentor helps you more than you help them, just pay it forward!

Growing Jobs and Trends in Tech

  • Product Management
    • A/B Testing
    • Agile
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Professional Services
    • Training
    • Consulting
  • Engineering
    • Ruby
    • Pearl
    • Java
  • Healthcare and Tech
  • Big Data
    • Companies that help other companies harvest and interpret big data are flourishing
  • Technology as a base for business
    • If you want to stay in Mass, work in SF or in the Pacific Northwest, get a job at a tech company because those companies are the ones who are going to dominate the economies in these areas

David LoVerme is a 2nd Year MBA at Boston College and the President of the Grad Tech Club